Monthly Archives: April 2011

Are you excited? Can you not wait for it to be over? Have you been hungrily devouring every article that even vaguely relates to the Royal Wedding? Do you consider the whole thing a colossal waste of British taxpayer money? Whatever your opinion, I hope this photo makes you laugh. It’s from a trip my […]

To me, one of the best possible outcomes of working with clients is when the bride becomes a friend. The change of relationship from soley a vendor to  friend is a testament to just how important interpersonal relationships are in the workplace. My brides are awesome. Beth is one of those kinds of brides. She […]

During my senior year at RU, I lived in a house with five other girls, and four of the six of us were engaged and planning weddings. It was crazy! All four of us had completely different but equally beautiful weddings- I feel like last summer should have been named “the summer of nuptials.” Megan […]

Have you ever been surfing around Facebook [read: creeping] and see that someone from high school is engaged that you didn’t know about? That’s exactly how I “ran” into Mason and Angela again. We all attended James Madison High School and we were all in the marching band (PRIDE OF VIENNA!). They’ve been together since […]

Hey friends! This is my absolute first blog post EVER. Well, unless you consider the LiveJournal account I had in 9th grade. But somehow, I don’t think that counts. But I digress. I am SO jazzed to finally have a blog! I love sharing my photography with people, and now I’m finally able to pair those […]