Monthly Archives: October 2011

As I’m sure many of you saw on the news this weekend, the East Coast had a bit of unexpected weather. Snow! And we’re not talking some silly little flurries- I mean big, fat, cotton ball-sized snowflakes. The snow hit Saturday which put a cramp in a lot of wedding plans, but I couldn’t have […]

This post is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been dreading shooting my brother’s engagement session for a while because, simply put, I didn’t want to let him down. I knew that this e-session would be different than every other one I’ve shot, and I wanted so badly to make sure I did my […]

One thing I’ve really been looking forward to is having albums of my work on hand to show clients. Notice that I said I’m looking forward to HAVING those albums, not necessarily to designing them. I’ll be totally honest- I was COMPLETELY intimidated at the thought of narrowing down 400+ images into 90-100 and having […]

As you know, unless you’ve been living under Hagrid’s hut, the Harry Potter Wedding Shoot was featured on Green Wedding Shoes last week! But seeing as Jen the editor couldn’t exactly publish all 100 images I sent over (I don’t think the typical American’s attention span is long enough for that), I’ve decided to show […]