Monthly Archives: December 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when Forever 21 and Express sell more glitter dresses in a one-week period than the rest of the year combined, the time when you can’t walk into a grocery store without being assaulted by at least three champagne displays, and the time of year when people […]

I apologize to any English professors/lovers of the English language out there that probably just cringed at the title of this post. One of my college roommates abbrev’ed everything and I sometimes do it to laugh at myself/feel young. Ok, so have you ever received a gift that was so well wrapped that the presentation […]

Remember that Caribbean Trash the Dress session from last week? That wasn’t even half of the awesome that went down when I tagged along to second shoot for my good friend Terra Dawn in Aruba. Justin and Brianne’s wedding was a complete stunner- from the breathtaking ambiance of the Riu Palace Resort to the incredible, golden […]

This year has been… unreal. God’s sent far more unexpected blessings sent my way than I can count, and I can’t believe how many sweet, crazy-in-love couples I’ve had the honor of meeting and photographing. 2011 was full of enormous growth for me: booking my own weddings, learning to identify my style (still a work […]

The first time I ever saw a photographer’s work on a canvas, I remember thinking “I HAVE to have some of those!” Canvases are different from prints in that they come finished and ready to hang out of the box. No need to spend hours poring over frames and ordering custom displays. The canvas doesn’t […]