Monthly Archives: February 2012

I LOVE seeing “What’s in my bag?” posts on other photographers’ blogs- it’s fun to compare and contrast which different types of glass they use, what radio systems, what kinds of flashes, etc. Those posts also make me feel inadequate about my own supply of equipment, but I have to remind myself that every photographer […]

I won’t lie- I’m totes jealous of those husband-wife photography teams. I wish I got to work side-by-side with Matt! That’s like… my dream job on steroids. But the legal kind. (is there a legal kind of steroid?) So my mission for the past few months has been to get Matt to go out shooting […]

This past weekend I got the chance to play fashion photographer for a few hours and I LOVED IT. An entire afternoon with Bree of Capitol Romance and Suzanne of Bridal Beauty Associates, shooting gorgeous models in exquisite wedding dresses? Yes, please! You’ll get the chance to see more of these in a couple of […]

My website debuted less than a year ago and my impulsive and ever-changing self is already gunning for a new one. It’s not JUST because I’m impulsive, though- AGP has grown leaps and bounds over the past less-than-a-year and it’s time for my website to grow with me. This means a brand new static site […]

Perhaps the thing I looked forward to the most when Matt and I visted The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in December was tasting Butterbeer. Everyone I know that had already been there raved about, and JK Rowling did such an incredible job of describing it in the books that I’ve been jonesing for a […]