Monthly Archives: March 2012

One thing I’ve learned while snapping photos with my iPhone is that I like Instagram a heck of a lot better than the plain old camera app. Instagram makes things more interesting! Also, I like that the photos that come out of Instagram are all squares. It’s like shooting in medium format… on your phone. […]

Let me start out by saying that I didn’t always have this frame of mind. And I know plenty of photographers that shoot almost every wedding by themselves, and it works perfectly for them. This is just what I’ve found works for ME. The first two out three weddings that I booked myself were shot solo […]

Their chance meeting at a bar in Charlottesville was just the beginning. What began as a coincidence turned into something intentional, something beautiful. So when he asked for her hand in marriage that one night after an elegant dinner, it was so much more than a coincidence. It was fate and destiny, meeting at last. Steve […]

Ok this weekend was amazing. You know that feeling when you’re feeling tired/uninspired/in a rut, and then something happens and it’s like you’ve finally woken up, and everything seems more beautiful and holds more potential? That’s what this weekend did for me. I shot Alex and Seamus’ e-session in Annapolis and it couldn’t have turned […]