Monthly Archives: April 2012

If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you already know I love morning light. It is the BEE’S. KNEES. Morning light make me squeal, jump up and down, and chimp like a total n00b (for those who don’t know, “chimping” is when you look at the back of your camera and go […]

When I arrived last Friday afternoon to shoot a bit of Chris and Monica’s rehearsal, I pulled my car right up next to a fence. On the the other side of that fence was a pasture that took my breath away- covered in buttercups and dotted with dandelions, all I could think was “I HAVE […]

Their love story began on a kickball field in Washington DC when he noticed her smile and stepped up his game in order to get her attention. After breaking through her original impression of arrogance, she realized that Chris was anything but- he was sweet, doting, loyal and loving. Monica’s twin sister recalled when she […]

I’ve heard photographers talk about finding their “why” when it comes to their business, and that it was a long, arduous process of thinking, prodding, and soul-searching. I never tried to find my “why” because of how darn busy I am, but then one day it struck me. Just & Mary guest posted on Jasmine Star’s […]

Who knew that high school marching band would result in meeting their future spouse? Or that attending junior prom together would be the last first date of the rest of their lives? After graduating high school, they both attended the University of Texas, and eventually realized that life just wouldn’t be the same without one […]