Monthly Archives: August 2012

I think it’s time to go ahead and set the standard that from now until October 28th, my Friday blogs will be coming in the afternoon because I do my long runs in the morning. Agreed? Swell! Today’s post was born out of frustration at my own inability to notice my surroundings. I’m a manual […]

The way he treasures her- it’s inspiring. How he holds her gently and loves her fiercely, how every time he looks at her his entire face lights up. They they thrive in each other’s presence, growing together, learning together, loving together. How she blushes when he kisses he with abandon, how proud she is to […]

Back in January, I blogged about my Kelly Moore B-Hobo. Everything I wrote in that post still holds true, just in a different context. My original intention in buying the B-Hobo was to have it as a “tote around town” bag, so that if we went to a social function or church event and I […]

They began as high school sweethearts, falling in love between classes bit by bit. They faced the challenge of Vinnie leaving for college while Maria embarked on her last year in high school, but any worry was for naught- they could handle this. A year later, Maria followed Vinnie down to Harrisonburg where they both […]

We’ve been planning a King’s Dominion trip for about a month now- Matt found a Groupon deal and decided we needed a day out of the house, so this Saturday was supposed to be our day! That was, until we looked at the forecast before we left and saw that was calling for scattered […]