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Monthly Archives: October 2012

More lovely faces- Colette’s sunrise bridal session on film

Every so often I’ll meet someone who I feel compelled to photograph; someone so intriguing that it sets the wheels spinning with new ideas and inspiration. Colette is one of those people- she was one of Vicky‘s bridesmaids and I knew from the bridal party portraits that day that I NEEDED to photograph Colette again. […]

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Monday Mash-Up

Hooray! It’s Monday the 29th of October, a day I’ve been excitedly awaiting for months now. Why is that, you ask? Because yesterday, October 28th, my dad and I ran our second Marine Corps Marathon! And as awesome as it was to train for and complete, I’m glad it’s over. Because now I don’t feel […]

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Happy scans from RPL

I’m pretty set on Fuji 400H being my favorite go-to film for portraits and such. But there are times when 400 isn’t fast enough (like when I’m shooting details in a hotel room) and I need something different, so I gave a few rolls of Portra 800 a shot. I’d heard some not-so-awesome things ago […]

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