Monthly Archives: February 2013

And the lamest blogger award goes to ME! No blog yesterday, and then failing to post today until 2:30 pm. Well, I’m on West Coast time as I write this, so it’s really only 11:30. I’m on information overload right now- these past four days have far surpassed my expectations of what they would be. […]

One of the amazing things about ShowIteers is their love to serve and bless each other. So what do we all do when we’re together for 3 days in Santa Barbara? We organize shoots! The Four Seasons where we’re all staying is across the street from the beach and I’ve been kicking myself for not […]

I’m in California! And now I’m completely in love. It’s so sunny and so incredibly beautiful, so we can successfully add “shoot a wedding in Southern California” to my bucket list. Holy cow friends, I don’t know how I’m ever going to leave. This week is going to be SO amazing- I’m not usually the […]

A couple of months ago I had a major breakthrough- I was finally able to push past the pretense of the style I thought I was supposed to have and embrace the style I actually love. Part of that breakthrough was realizing that my love of all things classic (Coca Cola in glass bottles, black […]

One of the coolest parts of my job is that I’ll occasionally have the opportunity to photograph something TOTALLY different than my normal repertoire. The Harry Potter wedding shoot, our Shel Silverstein wedding brain child, and now this piece of amazingness. In the past, all of the styled shoots I’ve photographed have been ones I’ve […]