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For those of you who remember that random style post I wrote in May, we’re back with another installment! Ethan’s been experimenting with men’s fashion blogging this month and gave himself a project: No Blue December. His favorite color is blue and he wears it all the time, so to challenge himself to get creative, he’s going the entire  month of December without wearing blue. He decided professional photographs might work more in his favor than grainy cell phone photos, so we got together last weekend and documented the first 15 of his outfits. My scatterbrained self was running late (big shock, right?) and as such, we were left with 25 minutes of daylight when I arrived. FAIL. But since attending J&M Walk Through A Wedding in June (finally blogging that tomorrow!), I now feel pretty comfortable with a simple one-light set-up, so I decided we’d give it a go anyways. I’m a natural light photographer through and through, but learning to use off-camera flash for portraits after dark was SUCH a good exercise for me. Now I know that if I HAD to do it again, I could!

Enjoy a smattering of photos from last weekend’s style adventures!

Dapper On A Dime: menDapper On A Dime: men

After 2-3 outfits, we broke out the flash set-up.

Dapper On A Dime: men

And then my not-so-little brother Seth arrived and wanted to know why we didn’t let him know we were shooting. So he ran back to the house, threw something together, and came back out to have his photo taken, too.

Dapper On A Dime: men

LOVE that one on the left.

Dapper On A Dime: menDapper On A Dime: menDapper On A Dime: men

Ethan, please go model for JCrew.

Dapper On A Dime: menWhile Ethan was inside, my dad lent me his profile for one of my favorite non-traditional shots I’ve ever done. It’s elementary, my dear Watson.
Dapper On A Dime: menDapper On A Dime: men


Dapper On A Dime: men

For details on the various pieces from each outfit, check out Ethan’s blog. Happy Thursday!

  • Wendy {Weswen Design} - I adore that picture of your dad. WOWZA it’s awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Erica - Love the night shots with that one flash set up! They are great, especially those silhouettes!ReplyCancel

  • Yuri - nice work, Abby! i especially love your use of the streetlight as a rim light on the last few, including the silhouettes. great use of the mixed lighting to get natual skin tones and that golden halo 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Aren’t you lucky to have two brothers who are not camera shy! Great photos, Abby!ReplyCancel

  • Colette - Every man wants a James Bond photo 🙂 Speaking of which, he would probably love Daniel Craig’s navy blue tux in Skyfall!ReplyCancel

  • molly - yessss!! this is totally my kind of post! i love that your brother is doing man fashion blogging!!!ReplyCancel

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