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Ok, who here is guilty of walking into their office at 9am, doing a little work (and finding yourself SUPER distracted throughout), and then looked up at the clock and feeling shocked to find that it’s already dinnertime? And worse, feeling even more disappointed that you only managed to get about 30% of your To-Do list done for the day?

I am the QUEEN of distraction, and I can tell you firsthand that a scattered mind is the best way to sabotage your productivity. So today’s episode of Bite-Size Business is a basic lesson in Getting Ish Done- how to MAXIMIZE your productivity for a standard 8-hour work day in seven steps!

We’re going over the basics of block scheduling, designating a “top 3” for the day, how to quit “email all day” syndrome, planning out a daily schedule, and more!

Watch the full 9-minute episode below!

Bite-Size Business | An Ideal 8-hr Work Day for Entrepreneurs

June 1, 2018

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