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Making mistakes and learning from them

This past March I sent myself on a two week trip to Europe. It was GLORIOUS, exactly the soul-refreshing kind of experience I needed. But I had to come up with a way to pay for it: Matt didn’t mind me going, but we hadn’t really budgeted for it so his response to my request […]

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Scott & Chelsea- a chic DC fine art Anniversary Experience Session

The more Anniversary Experience sessions I shoot, the more significant they become to me. And most of the time, it’s not due to some deep revelation I have on my own, but because of the interactions with my couples- the things they say about one another, the ways they describe their marriage, their unique love […]

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Having the audacity to ask to shoot around the world

If you’ve ever stumbled upon this blog before today, chances are, you’re familiar with the fact that Europe is my second love and that world travel inspires me to great and greater levels. If today’s the first time you’ve ever read my blog, now you know: Europe is my second love and world travel inspires me […]

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