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“Did I tell you why I’m so excited for you to capture us in Paris, specifically?” “No, why?” “Because it’s where I realized Rob was the only one I wanted.” It was the early days of their relationship, and she set off for a term of studying abroad in Paris. And just a couple weeks in, […]

I don’t know why I even bothered bringing my larger camera with me to Charleston- I never even took it out of the bag! Instead I used my trusty Yashica, a fun little twin lens reflex camera- it shoots in square format (or as Matt calls it, “Instagram before it was Instagram”). The camera’s 35-40 years […]

If you missed Part 1 last week (Why [and When] I don’t shoot film), make sure to give that a read first! It’ll put all of this in context! I don’t really know anyone else who runs their business the way I do when it comes to film vs. digital- for the most part, you […]

I think last month’s blizzard was my favorite snowstorm in memory. Why? Because we have two sets of friends from church who live within walking distance, so rather than weathering the storm alone, we got to spend it holed up with friends! Board games and watercolor paints and chili in the crockpot, and a bottle […]

It feels like SPRING in northern Virginia this morning! There are birds chirping, the sun’s shining, and almost all the snow from last month’s blizzard is gone. There are still a few small piles here and there, but the sidewalks are clear for the first time in a month! I LOVE springtime. It’s the most […]