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What are the odds of running into someone you know in another country? And not just in another country- in one of the world’s MOST visited cities, at one of the most tourist-heavy attractions? Because that’s what happened! Matt & I were spending our last full day in France at Versailles, since I’d missed a […]

I know that pretty much any wedding photographer would say it, but I really and truly have the BEST job in the world. And my afternoon with Kevin & Erica did nothing but remind me of how LUCKY I am to be doing what I do. Their warmth draws you in, and their bliss leaves […]

This woman is one of the most talented bridal gown designers in the industry today. I know that’s a big claim to make, but it’s true- her ability to custom design according to her own taste AND her bride’s desires is unparalleled. Katherine of Katherine Bignon Bridal‘s  style is a mix of her own love of […]

Most of you all know me as a Francophile, but for those who’ve known me since before my first experience in Paris… you’ll remember that I was an Anglophile first. France (and Paris) will always be my greatest international love, but England was my first transatlantic crush. My first trip outside the US was to London, and then Stamford, […]

As I walked the streets hand in hand with Matt during our first Paris experience, I remember my senses being utterly overwhelmed. The romantic sound of French being spoken around us. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting out of nearby boulangeries. The taste of a foamy café crème with half teaspoon of grainy sugar, the pastel […]