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As I walked the streets hand in hand with Matt during our first Paris experience, I remember my senses being utterly overwhelmed. The romantic sound of French being spoken around us. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting out of nearby boulangeries. The taste of a foamy café crème with half teaspoon of grainy sugar, the pastel […]

You know her. You’ve seen her before on my blog, or maybe you’ve caught her on my Instagram. Sophie was one of my first #abbygraceballerinas, and our first session was the one that really and truly made me feel like I’d found a thing I loved for me and me alone, and not because it […]

“Did I tell you why I’m so excited for you to capture us in Paris, specifically?” “No, why?” “Because it’s where I realized Rob was the only one I wanted.” It was the early days of their relationship, and she set off for a term of studying abroad in Paris. And just a couple weeks in, […]

I don’t know why I even bothered bringing my larger camera with me to Charleston- I never even took it out of the bag! Instead I used my trusty Yashica, a fun little twin lens reflex camera- it shoots in square format (or as Matt calls it, “Instagram before it was Instagram”). The camera’s 35-40 years […]