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Something I’ve struggled with for years now is the concept of cohesion across ALL touch points of my brand. Sure, my website and blog are consistent, and my Instagram feed up-to-scratch with my brand values and visual identity. But what about the PHYSICAL touch points? Like paper goods and packaging? For the first 5+ years […]

Isn’t it amazing how we hurtle toward these goals in our lives and businesses, looking forward to them for SO long, and once we finally reach them, we often forget to stop and celebrate? Well, I refuse to forget. Today we are REJOICING! Why? Because is OFFICIALLY open!! I’d been dreaming about this shop for […]

Remember when you fell in love with your craft and you thought you yourself “as long as I excel at what I do, I could make a living off of this”? Well, that’s partly true. But there’s also this thing that nobody tells you at the beginning: Your email communication with clients, potential clients, and […]

I was thrilled to see how much you guys loved last week’s blog post on why you should utilize email templates! So this week, we’re following it up with the HOW: a quick tutorial on installing and using Canned Responses with your Gmail account in 4 easy steps! Canned Responses are not, by default, switched on […]

Who here wishes they could spend LESS time in their inbox? Go ahead, raise your hand- because I promise, you’re in GOOD company! I used to be one of those weirdos who loved email- it was my drug. I loved typing out responses to new brides, or requests from vendors for photos, that sort of […]