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I was thrilled to see how much you guys loved last week’s blog post on why you should utilize email templates! So this week, we’re following it up with the HOW: a quick tutorial on installing and using Canned Responses with your Gmail account in 4 easy steps! Canned Responses are not, by default, switched on […]

Who here wishes they could spend LESS time in their inbox? Go ahead, raise your hand- because I promise, you’re in GOOD company! I used to be one of those weirdos who loved email- it was my drug. I loved typing out responses to new brides, or requests from vendors for photos, that sort of […]

Ok, so I originally had something completely different on my blogging calendar for today. But after sharing this on my Instagram story on Wednesday and receiving an email asking me to blog it, I decided to change tracks! I was cleaning out my office earlier this week and stumbled across a list of goals I’d […]

It’s kind of funny- I realized recently that my demeanor during certain parts of a wedding day is completely at odds with who I am as a person. And what I mean by that is in every day life, I don’t mind being the center of attention. It’s actually why I love public speaking so […]

It’s one of every photographer’s worst nightmares. You pick up your camera to start shooting, and for some reason, it stops working and you have NO idea why. Your mouth goes dry, pulse quickens, sweat breaks out on your forehead. “Oh crap, oh crap, OH $#*%!” That’s exactly what happened to me several weeks ago! […]