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It’s one of every photographer’s worst nightmares. You pick up your camera to start shooting, and for some reason, it stops working and you have NO idea why. Your mouth goes dry, pulse quickens, sweat breaks out on your forehead. “Oh crap, oh crap, OH $#*%!” That’s exactly what happened to me several weeks ago! […]

Oooh I wish you guys could have been with me at the first few weddings I photographed. I did the “all black” thing, like most ninjas/vendors. (And when I say all black, I mean like… a black top and black pants, + black shoes, and a simple ponytail or braid). I thought that’s how I […]

Have you ever pulled a photo in for editing and seen that purple or orange haze around someone’s head? That used to drive me NUTS. I had no idea how to get rid of it, and if the haze was bad enough, I’d usually just trash the photo. I chalked it up to me being […]

I’m still trying to process how awesome yesterday’s webinar was! We had hundreds of people show up to learn about posing the bride & groom in a pinch and have been SO encouraged by all the folks who’ve registered for this next round of enrollment!! For those of you unfamiliar, A Practical Wedding Workshop Live is the […]

You guys remember when we launched A Practical Wedding Workshop LIVE back in January, right? After receiving countless emails asking when folks could sign up again, I’m so excited to tell you that registration is opening again for a limited time in just a few short days! And this time, it’s even more amazing than […]