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So today’s topic is a bit of a fun one! I spent my first year in the wedding industry as an apprentice- I lost count of how many weddings I second shot before taking on my own clients. I learned a lot while shooting for my mentor, and I also made a LOT of goofs. […]

Our home is a HOME first and foremost, and our office second. But it makes things sound super power couple-y to call our house “Abby Grace Headquarters,” so we’ll go with that for today’s blog post, yeah? Yeah! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a control freak. It took me several years of […]

Oh man, I wish you guys could hear some of our conversations at home. See, I’m still learning to trust him as a partner in business as well as life, so sometimes when he throws out a suggestion for something to do with AGP, it takes me a little while to warm up to the idea. […]

Almost exactly one year ago, I was in the midst of a crisis. I didn’t blog about it then for a couple of reasons: because I didn’t want to look weak, and because at the time? I didn’t feel like there was anything good that could come of writing about how miserable I was. There […]

Email used to be my DRUG. I was addicted to refreshing my inbox- I loved seeing those new messages pop up, no matter what they contained. And I didn’t just love checking messages, I loved answering them too! But then my business began to grow, and quickly. I had more weddings to photograph and edit, more meetings, […]