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Registration for A Practical Wedding Workshop is LIVE!

It’s Thursday! And it’s 10 am(ish), which means seats for A Practical Wedding Workshop on September 8th are officially on sale! This week has been a total rush for a number of different reasons (more on that soon, I promise), and I’m so excited to launch this most recent, re-vamped workshop! But less talk from […]

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6 Myths that Brides + Grooms need to forget when it comes to your photography

There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding, and when you have your bride- or groom-blinders on, it can sometimes be hard to see things without your wedding-tinted glasses making you freak out about seemingly insignificant details. I know, I did the same thing when we were planning our wedding! I […]

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Avoiding the dreaded “Wedding Hangover”

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know exactly what I’m talking about: you’ve spent the entire day before on your feet, running around photographing a gorgeous wedding day, and then morning comes. You open your eyes, wondering why on earth your spine feels like you slept with a barbell on your back. Sitting up, rubbing […]

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