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Every year for the last FOUR years, I’ve reached a point in the summer and become nervous. “Why haven’t I booked anything new in the last few weeks?!” It causes panic and anxiety, and most of the time, there’s NO REASON for it. Why? Because in reality, my wedding season tends to book up in chunks! […]

Oh golden hour, how I adore you! As photographers, we LOVE this time of day. No worries about unsightly shadows underneath your clients eyes, noses, or chins, because the sun is coming from the SIDE instead of from above! So just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s start with a loose definition: […]

It was May of 2011- I pulled up to the location where I’d be meeting my bride, proud that I was 45 minutes early. “Killin’ it, Abby. You are killin’ it,” I  probably said to myself. I opened the back left door on my blue Mazda3 hatchback, thinking I’d grab my purse and get a cup of […]

Something I’ve struggled with for years now is the concept of cohesion across ALL touch points of my brand. Sure, my website and blog are consistent, and my Instagram feed up-to-scratch with my brand values and visual identity. But what about the PHYSICAL touch points? Like paper goods and packaging? For the first 5+ years […]

Isn’t it amazing how we hurtle toward these goals in our lives and businesses, looking forward to them for SO long, and once we finally reach them, we often forget to stop and celebrate? Well, I refuse to forget. Today we are REJOICING! Why? Because is OFFICIALLY open!! I’d been dreaming about this shop for […]