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I’ve mentioned it quietly here and there, but for those of you who haven’t heard, my second shooter this year (Ethan) also happens to be my big brother! He’d assisted me with a few weddings in the past and showed a real knack for it, so this year we decided to have him on for all […]

This’ll be short-but-sweet post, because today’s post is an easy one to understand! If you have a wedding come up at a venue you’ve never photographed before, you might want to think about attending the walkthrough. It’s not a rule I employ for every wedding, but it IS something I consider if any of the […]

I just changed the wreath on our front door to a fall-themed one. Which was kind of a bummer, because I’m pretty fond of the one I made for August! But with the change of door decor comes cooler weather and an excuse to make mulled cider again, so I’m totally on board with it. […]

I was one of those folks who used the term “natural light photographer” to detract from the fact that I had NO idea how to use off-camera lighting. I could work natural light like a boss, but when there was no natural  light available? I was sort of screwed. As professional photographers, it’s our job to be able to […]

Ok, so I totally had it on my blogging calendar to post some of my favorite Align Album Design spreads today, and then I got an email from Melissa Jill about their “Pricing For Profit” quiz and decided to combine them into one. I love how that worked out, don’t you? Truthfully, I took the […]