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Email used to be my DRUG. I was addicted to refreshing my inbox- I loved seeing those new messages pop up, no matter what they contained. And I didn’t just love checking messages, I loved answering them too! But then my business began to grow, and quickly. I had more weddings to photograph and edit, more meetings, […]

My love affair with photography began with falling head over heels for analog photography- a college darkroom was all it took to get me hooked. But for those of you who don’t have a background with film, it can be REALLY intimidating to get started! The fear of messing up could keep you from ever starting in […]

As a new or growing wedding photography business, you have a lot of expenses to consider- camera equipment, computers, software, website hosting, packaging supplies, the list goes on. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different ways you could spend your money, and each mew purchase you consider has the potential to overwhelm you just a […]

Oooh the vendor meal! I could talk at length about why it’s important to provide a meal for the photographers (and any vendor that’s been working consistently all day), but we’ll save that topic for a “Dear Bride” post sometime in the future! Today’s post is for the PHOTOGRAPHER, and how to navigate the sometimes murky waters […]

I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of this incredible gang of women. A few years ago, while sitting on a bed in a hotel room in Santa Barbara, we shared one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had with friends. A simple but bold question turned into a […]