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6 Myths that Brides + Grooms need to forget when it comes to your photography

There are a lot of things that go into planning a wedding, and when you have your bride- or groom-blinders on, it can sometimes be hard to see things without your wedding-tinted glasses making you freak out about seemingly insignificant details. I know, I did the same thing when we were planning our wedding! I […]

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Five Dates that require little to no planning!

Matt and I love date nights. Love them! We sometimes differ in the level of effort required for said dates, though- I love an excuse to dress up and go out somewhere where there’s LOTS of people, whereas Matt is more of an introvert and likes quieter, less-involved evenings out. We’re both homebodies at heart, […]

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Destination engagement sessions!

So we’ve all heard of destination weddings, yes? I wrote a few months ago about why bringing a photographer WITH you to a destination is a better option that going with a resort photographer, but today I’m going to profess my undying love of destination engagement sessions. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few […]

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The ladies of ATrendy Wedding

Wedding planners and coordinators are some of my favorite people in the industry- they make wedding days flow so much more perfectly! As the photographer, when there isn’t a planner present, the question of “what happens now?” usually falls to the photographer. I’d like to think I’m pretty efficient when it comes to photographing, but […]

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