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Goooooood morning, Vietnam! I just realized yesterday that my Spring season is over, which means we have a mini “off-season” for the next few weeks! So we have a few things that are definitely in order: 1) cleaning out our offices, 2) getting to work on a couple new educational ideas Matt &/or I have come […]

Happy Monday morning, friends! It’s a good first day of the week here in the Springmann house, because it’s the first Monday since Matt quit his job that we’re both here- the first two, either I or both of us were in France. So this’ll be our first full week together at home, and I’m pretty […]

Happy Monday morning, friends! After a crazy week + weekend (more on that below), I’m on my way to Charleston for a girls’ week with some of my most dear photog friends. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long! I missed last year’s getaway and so I was bound and determined to make […]

About that… sorry guys! I took off on Sunday afternoon for WPPI, and in the two years since I’ve attended the Las Vegas conference, I must have forgotten just how insane things are. Because here’s the thing- when you go to a big ol’ gathering of photographers like WPPI, you spend a lot of time catching up […]

Happy Tuesday friends! It’s a good thing yesterday was a government holiday, because I achieved NOTHING except watching three movies from the couch while the snow and then subsequent freezing rain fell outside. Sometimes you just need a day to veg, right? Right. Also, for those of you who haven’t seen Interstellar, don’t bother. The ending made […]