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Everyone Loves A Classic- #2 pencils

Specifically, the ones by Ticonderoga. Because there’s nothing quite as good as a freshly sharpened, yellow-coated pencil with a full eraser, a blank page, and a head full of ideas. I like the elementary inspiration of it- it takes me back to a place where I wasn’t bound by self-inflicted rules, by silly self-created boundaries […]

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Monday Mash-Up

Monday Mash-Ups start to get a little bit dicey for me during the months of January-Marchish- it’s when I’m not shooting much, so I have a couple choices: a) use a photo of my dogs, which will either make my audience say “aww!” or “eff, doesn’t she ever talk about ANYTHING other than her animals? […]

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Introducing: Abby Grace Legacy Couples

It started with one of my AGP Poster Couples, Phil & Megan. Megan’s been around since the veeeery early days of Abby Grace Photography- back when I only had a blogsite, when I still watermarked my images, and when my hair was still above my shoulders. They were the first couple who I photographed for […]

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Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s 10:56 on Christmas Eve, and I’m typing a blog post while sipping a glass of pinor noir and binge watching episodes of The Walking Dead with Matt. And I finally turned on my Out-of-Office responder! Life is good, my friends. Life is good. Except for the whole… blogging-late-on-Christmas-Eve-when-I-should-be-dreaming-of-sugar-plums-and-stuff. But since I comPLETEly forgot […]

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