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No, today’s not about budgets. It’s about a HAIRCUT! I know people get their hair cut all the time, but I average… like, two cuts a year. Having long hair, that was about as frequently as I needed to get to get the ends cleaned up! But this time, I decided to go for something […]

It’s FEBRUARY! Which means January, aka the-month-that-feels-like-one-long-Monday, is over. We had a crazy productive January with the Make 2016 Challenge, the free webinar, and the release of A Practical Wedding Workshop Live! Registration closed on the 22nd, but today feels like the first day that I’m truly recovered from the stress/lack of sleep/work of it […]

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have an amazing weekend? Because I sure did! We had an EPIC blizzard hit on Friday and it snowed for 36 hours straight, which naturally made me run around the house like a sugar-filled five-year-old. We got 2.5 feet of SNOW! And our neighborhood still hasn’t been plowed, which means the idea […]

This past week has felt like some weird sort of version of Freaky Friday. See, when Matt & I were first married, I was juggling both a corporate 8-5 and the nearly-full-time job of building Abby Grace Photography into a sustainable business. There was a lot of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion, and a lot of […]

Happy Monday, friends! Last week was, simply put, the best. The BEST! First we had The Event with Justin & Mary, and seven more of the industry’s finest creatives. Then we had the most wonderfully lovely vow renewal the world has ever known on Thursday, to celebrate Matt & I’s fifth anniversary! It was a total dream, […]