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Jason & Lindsay- a classic Georgetown black tie wedding

I’ve never seen a family carry joy the way Jason & Lindsay’s families did on their wedding day. It was this unanimous, infectious smile that donned the face of every bridesmaid, groomsman, sister, brother, mother and father. It was so obvious, so very crystal clear why these two decided on forever. He’s more relaxed, more […]

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Muesday Mash-Up

This post was supposed to happen yesterday, but due to our internet service being AWOL, it’s coming today. Whoops! I left on Saturday morning from our home in Reston to shoot Mike & Kayley’s wedding, and while I was working, Matt (and several of our awesomesauce church friends) moved us into the new place in […]

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Jason & Kendra- a rural Maryland wedding

July weddings can be risky- if it’s not uncomfortably hot & humid, it’s often raining. But on Jason & Kendra’s wedding day, it was 78, partly sunny, and humidity-free- it was such a gift! The threat of rain wasn’t enough to dampen Jason & Kendra’s spirits, or the spirits of their friends and family as […]

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Monday Mash-up

Before we jump into the usual awesomeness of MMU, does anyone have an effective means of removing spray paint from skin? I have “vintage white” all over my hands and it’s coming off on my keyboard as I’m typing! I culled Saturday’s wedding yesterday afternoon after a bout of painting, and my “5″ key had […]

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