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Dan’s reaction when he first saw Julie is the sort of look that every bride dreams of seeing on her groom’s face on their wedding day. When the music swelled in St. Joseph’s church and the doors were flung open for Julie & her dad, Dan’s face lit up. “Oh wow… oh, WOW,” he repeated. Take a second, clear […]

He was just so excited to marry her. The way he spoke about her, looked at her, it’s always with admiration, respect, and familiarity. And she? She couldn’t wait to see him on Saturday! Her breaths coming somewhat irregularly as we walked toward the door to meet her soon-to-be-husband in the vineyard, she said “I’m sorry, I’m just […]

The way he looks at her is the way every girl dreams of being gazed upon. And that was what I loved so much this past Saturday- watching the two of them together. How he was so elated that he couldn’t stop dancing out of sheer celebration, how she was so wonderfully happy that the smile […]

This day had been a LONG time coming. 890 days, to be exact. The military tends to be a little finicky about timing, so choosing a date with TJ’s training & deployments alongside Lexi’s school schedule proved to be tricky. But after a lot of patience (and a lot of long-distance planning), the day they’d […]

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride more excited to walk down the aisle than Jessie. No, really- she came down that aisle faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. And throughout the smiles and appreciative giggles of those in the congregation, you could recognize something sweeter- not nerves, but readiness! They’d been waiting for this day […]