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The best term I heard used to describe these  “incandescently happy.”The maid of honor used that particular turn of phrase during her toast to the new couple, and the evidence of that joy was written all over- in the adoring way in which Will held his bride close throughout the night, in Karie’s happy tears listening to her […]

My favorite thing about these two was how much tradition and symbolism was woven throughout their wedding day. A bit of lace from her mother’s wedding dress sewn into her gown, the socks Mike gifted to all of the men involved in the wedding party, the grandparents’ wedding bands, a letter from Jen’s grandmother to […]

One of the great things about shooting with your brother is that you’re allowed to heckle each other. And the “Ethan’s Pants” series began as just that- you can read the full story here. As a way to begin the year with a laugh, for your viewing pleasure I present the entire collection of Ethan’s […]

There’s nothing more fun than photographing the sister of a past bride! The King family was so warm in inviting me in to photograph Jason & Lindsay’s wedding two summers ago, so when it came time for Danielle & Lee to tie the knot, I knew it was going to be a wonderful day! From a sweet […]

Sometimes I’m afraid to share my dreams. There’s this little voice that tells me “if you share that dream and then fail to accomplish it, everyone will know, and everyone will laugh at you.” But the longer I’m in business and the more industry friends I make, the more I realize how wrong that voice is! Because […]