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We watched the forecast for days leading up to the wedding. Two days out, there was 30% chance of rain during portraits… then the day before, a 90% chance. Claudia had gone through the trouble of getting a permit for the memorial in DC, but if it was raining, none of that would matter… so […]

Where do I even start with them? Bryan & Rachel are two of the most genuine, warm, and welcoming people you’ll ever meet- they invite you into their joy, the kind of people to make everyone around them comfortable in minutes. There’s no pretense with them, either- they’re both so perfectly comfortable in their own […]

You know what I love about wedding days? How they bring out the best kind of joy in people. When I first met Mark & Diane, I never would have guessed they’d be the sort to rock it out on the dance floor. But that’s an effect that marital bliss tends to have on people- being […]

You guys remember when we launched A Practical Wedding Workshop LIVE back in January, right? After receiving countless emails asking when folks could sign up again, I’m so excited to tell you that registration is opening again for a limited time in just a few short days! And this time, it’s even more amazing than […]

Best friends. That’s what they were before they ever started dating. It was one of those friendships that made the people closest to them wonder if there was perhaps something more underneath, but it took them a few years to see it themselves. But when they did something wonderful happened, and two people who are better off […]