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The 411 on Sparklers- making the most of a wedding exit!

I LOVE sparkler exits. They’re my favorite way to send a bride & groom off in style, and any time one of my brides lets me know they’re thinking of having one, the first words out of my mouth are always “DO IT!” They’re the perfect way to end a wedding with a bang, and […]

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Zac & Kylie- wedding portraits at the National Portrait Gallery

One of the first things Kylie told me that day was “we’re both really, really awkward in front of the camera.” I love it when my couples say that kind of thing at the beginning of a session- my response is always “challenge ACCEPTED.” Because honestly, looking through their images, have you ever seen any […]

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Introducing: Abby Grace Legacy Couples

It started with one of my AGP Poster Couples, Phil & Megan. Megan’s been around since the veeeery early days of Abby Grace Photography- back when I only had a blogsite, when I still watermarked my images, and when my hair was still above my shoulders. They were the first couple who I photographed for […]

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Joe & Wendy- an intimate New York City elopement at High Line Park

She called me mid-November with a secret- she & Joe were engaged! But no one else knew. And no one else was going to know until after they tied the knot. “We were thinking… we want to elope in New York. And before I even met Joe, I knew that you would one day be […]

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Ryan & Kathleen- a wintry Virginia wedding

Kathleen doesn’t strike me as the type to get teary about many things. But I love how wedding days are always, always the exception to that kind of rule. She was fine- calm and collected- until she looked at her mom, right after the wedding dress went on. And then again, as she walked into […]

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