Q: What the heck is an e-session?

A: An “e-session” is an engagement session. It’s easier to type out e-session 12 times in one email than tapping out e-n-g-a-g-e-m-e-n-t s-e-s-s-i-o-n over and over. I think I’ve really confused people who aren’t familiar with my blog though- some have asked if it’s an electronic Skype meeting before.


Q: Do you shoot with a second photographer?

A: I used to, but I’ve found it actually serves my clients better for me to have an assistant. My assistant is always another photographer so if the need arises, they can shoot, but more often than not, it serves me and my clients better to have someone that’s available to assist, rather than shoot. Someone who can hand me the right lens when I need it, someone who can move my light stand around the room as I shoot the reception space. It allows me to shoot more continuously without interruption, ensuring I’m able to concentrate on SHOOTING rather than running back and forth between my equipment and my clients. Adding a second shooter to your wedding package is definitely an option, but I’ve found that I don’t absolutely need an additional shooter in order to capture my clients’ wedding day.


Q: What’s your advice for someone that’s just starting out?

A:Anytime I get this question, I reply with this: a) read photographers’ blogs. They’re chocked full of advice, mistakes we’ve made, and fun tidbits! 2) Find what you love and specialize in it; don’t try to do everything. If you try to shoot NASCAR, infants, families, weddings, senior portraits, architecture, food, boudoir, landscapes and sports, chances are you’ll find you’re a jack of all trades but a master of none.


Q: What’s your favorite camera/lens combination?

A: My 5Dmk3 and 50mm 1.2L are like my children. I shoot about 75% of a wedding with the 50 on my camera, and probably 95% of a portrait session with the same lens. Although my newly-discovered love of the 85 1.2 is giving my 50 a run for its money!


Q: Do you give military discounts?

A: Yes! My dad has been with the police department for almost my entire life, my big brother is a Marine, my little brother is in the Army, my sister-in-law is in the Airforce, my grandfather was a Colonel in the Army… the list goes on. I have a special place in my heart for military members and police officers, so I offer a “thanks for being awesome” percentage off of my basic wedding package to couples with one or both parties in the USMC, Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard or police department.


Q: We’ve already found our wedding photographer, but we want you to do our engagement session. Ya dig?

A: No, and you’ll thank me for it! Here’s why: I know that I LOVE e-sessions with my wedding couples because it’s the perfect opportunity for me to get to know them a bit more personally in a relaxed situation. I learn how they feel in front of a camera; they have the chance to get more comfortable in front of my lens, and as a result the wedding day portraits ALWAYS go more smoothly. I don’t want to take that opportunity away from your wedding photographer! So if you already have someone lined up to photograph your wedding, I strongly encourage you to do your e-session with them!


Q: Are you available for travel?
A: Oh yes :). I’m willing to drive/fly/go by Floo powder to anywhere my couples are getting married! This year I’m traveling to Kansas City, London and Puerto Rico!

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