Happy Monday, dear friends! It’s been a while since my last Monday Mash-Up, and to be honest with you, it was kind of lovely to take a little break from regular blogging! We just finished up our most recent registration period of APWWL and that launch process can be CRAY. So I’ll thank you for your grace, and we’ll resume business as usual, shall we?

Today’s MMU is coming to you from Orlando! When we left DC, it was 29 and blustering winds. And now, I’m sitting in a sleeveless hot pink maxi dress with sunshine-and-a-high-of-80 in my future today. Needless to say, today is awesome.

We went to HARRY POTTER WORLD yesterday!!! And it was JUST as magical as it was the first time! My dear friend Mary texted me in December to ask if we’d be up for meeting her & Justin in Diagon Alley in February, to which the answer was obviously YES. So we spent yesterday with two of our favorite people at one of my FAVORITE places on earth. It was awesome!! I couldn’t stop squealing and laughing and dancing as the music from the movies played throughout Hogsmeade, as we boarded the Hogwarts train to “London,” and when I got picked to for the wand choosing at Ollivander’s! All the butterbeer, please and thank you. Yesterday was the freaking BEST.

Harry Potter World photographer Harry Potter World photographer Harry Potter World photographer Harry Potter World photographer

And today? Today we’re going to Magic Kingdom before we head back to the airport for a late flight home tonight. BRB, just going to make besties with Rapunzel.

As always, lessons learned/events that transpired over the past week:

  • The MAGIC wands at Universal are totally worth it. In case you’ve never been, there are little golden placards around Harry Potter World indicating areas you can “cast spells.” It’s seriously the freaking COOLEST! I got the magic wand this time around and it was all my childhood dreams coming true.
  • On the flight down to Orlando I had the glorious opportunity to watch re-runs of VH1’s Rock Of Love, Season 1. It was just as gloriously trashy as I remembered.
  • You know what I love about our job? We have “colleagues” (aka industry friends!) all around the country, and we get often get to see them when we travel! Like we were here in Orlando to meet up with J&M, but then we also realized our friend Devin of Anchor & Veil was in Orlando too, so we did dinner with Devin on Saturday night. I just never had that sort of community when I worked for my old defense contractor job!
  • Saturday morning before we hopped on our plane, I shot an adorable ballerina named Lilly (I loved her name, obviously) in DC. See the preview below- it’s already one of my forever favorites!
  • I accidentally got Matt onto a roller coaster-ish ride yesterday. See, Matt does ride rides. Like, ever. And I was like “Babe! You have to ride the Escape From Gringotts ride- it’s definitely NOT a coaster! You’ll be totally ok.” And then as soon as we’re locked into the car and rolling forward I made the mistake of asking the ride attendant “This isn’t a roller coaster, right?” And he answered “It’s part roller coaster, part 3D ride.” Oops… sorry Matt!!

A little preview from Saturday :). Have a magical Monday, friends!!

Washington, DC ballerina photographer

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Monday Mash-Up

February 6, 2017

  1. Jean

    February 6th, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    You did have a magical weekend! Love the ballerina photo!

  2. Karen aka Mom

    February 7th, 2017 at 9:11 am

    You guys look like you had a great time! I love the darkened image of Hogwarts! Your ballerina phone is beautiful!

  3. Shawna

    February 7th, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Oh my goodness, way too much fun! The backlite window image is STUNNING.

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