These photos were a dream come true in more ways than one. I’d been wanting to have head shots taken in Paris for a long time and when I found out that David & Kristy were going to be in the City of Light at the same time, I knew he’d be the perfect one! […]

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Remember that show on VH-1 called “Best Week Ever”? Well, that’s what THIS week is going to be!! Why? Because we’re starting a new FREE mini-series this week, the Mid-Season Pick-Me-Up!  It’s June, which means the year is almost half over. And how many of you looked up from your desk on June 1st and thought […]

I’m one of those Type A kind of people who needs to do certain things the same way, every time, and my photograph organization is a perfect example of that! I name my folders the same way every time, which makes locating from my archives a lot more simple. And when it comes to how […]

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If I had to pick a single word to describe them together, it would be “selfless.” It was a reoccurring theme that wove its way throughout the wedding- in conversations with bridesmaids at the St. Regis before the ceremony, at the brunch table with groomsmen and family, in the wedding homily itself, during toasts, all of […]

Four years and three months ago, I was tired. Like, bone tired. I’d been building my business while working a full time corporate job for almost two years, and I was at a tipping point; I just couldn’t do both anymore. We were in the parking lot at Wegmans when I had another meltdown- I was overwhelmed by how […]

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