It was May of 2011- I pulled up to the location where I’d be meeting my bride, proud that I was 45 minutes early. “Killin’ it, Abby. You are killin’ it,” I  probably said to myself. I opened the back left door on my blue Mazda3 hatchback, thinking I’d grab my purse and get a cup of […]

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  • Karen aka Mom - Great sharing about your procedure. I remember your Dad getting your panicked call about that lens and jumping into the car to make that happen since Matt was elsewhere. Easy to look back on with the benefit of the passage of time.ReplyCancel

  • Rici - Oh I know, the check lists. Thank you for sharing this Abby!! I think I might have the same camera trolly :*ReplyCancel

He was just so excited to marry her. The way he spoke about her, looked at her, it’s always with admiration, respect, and familiarity. And she? She couldn’t wait to see him on Saturday! Her breaths coming somewhat irregularly as we walked toward the door to meet her soon-to-be-husband in the vineyard, she said “I’m sorry, I’m just […]

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  • Karen aka Mom - So beautiful that I could not pick a favorite. I did live how the Merlot stood out, especially for a fall wedding!ReplyCancel

    • Karen aka Mom - I meant to say I love how the Merlot stood out!ReplyCancel

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I know that pretty much any wedding photographer would say it, but I really and truly have the BEST job in the world. And my afternoon with Kevin & Erica did nothing but remind me of how LUCKY I am to be doing what I do. Their warmth draws you in, and their bliss leaves […]

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Helloooo Monday! We’re back in the country from our time in France, and as much as I miss waking up to the sounds of people jabbering in elegant French, it’s pretty darn nice to be smothered by your pups with morning snuggles. But I do miss the coffee… and the bread… and the ambiance. Seriously, I […]

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Something I’ve struggled with for years now is the concept of cohesion across ALL touch points of my brand. Sure, my website and blog are consistent, and my Instagram feed up-to-scratch with my brand values and visual identity. But what about the PHYSICAL touch points? Like paper goods and packaging? For the first 5+ years […]

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