Goooooood morning, Vietnam! I just realized yesterday that my Spring season is over, which means we have a mini “off-season” for the next few weeks! So we have a few things that are definitely in order: 1) cleaning out our offices, 2) getting to work on a couple new educational ideas Matt &/or I have come […]

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Goooood morning California! And to the rest of you, obviously, but to Santa Barbara especially. We left early Friday morning to head to LA for Steve & Kristin’s engagement session and planned for a few extra days out west to visit friends and go see a Nationals game in Dodgers stadium tonight. Matt had never […]

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  • Rici - Oh gosh! Those thunderstorms… we had tones of those in the past weeks.
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I’m still trying to process how awesome yesterday’s webinar was! We had hundreds of people show up to learn about posing the bride & groom in a pinch and have been SO encouraged by all the folks who’ve registered for this next round of enrollment!! For those of you unfamiliar, A Practical Wedding Workshop Live is the […]