They just celebrated five years of marriage this past May, and it had been precisely that long since they’d had any sort of romantic portraits together. A weekend away in DC before an extended time away from each other due to Dominic’s job seemed the perfect time to capture new portraits for these two! So […]

You guys. Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER 1ST. Which means two things: 1) it’s time to hop on the Hogwarts Express, and 2) it’s the unofficially official start of FALL! As much as I loved school as a kid, the fall season was always associated with the end of my freedom. But now that I’m all grown […]

  • Shalese - Oh my gosh, I had the same problem with chest pains after a long stretch of drinking coffee and green tea a lot. Taking a break definitely helped me . . . and so did giving myself some more relaxation time. My nurse friend said it was likely anxiety related, even though I didn’t think I was THAT stressed!ReplyCancel

  • Ally Allison - Abby – your friend from church hit the nail on the head :) And YAY for patio furniture! I’m sure you’re enjoying this almost-fall weather :)ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Yes, I think it’s time you had a wedding album. Your wedding was so beautiful. Here’s wishing you more of those “Everything goes right days.” Can’t think of anyone who deserves them more.ReplyCancel

  • Rici - So much joy spilling through the lines! Lovely Abby! The Paris-40´s compliment is wonderful!!ReplyCancel

I think Photog Friday might be my favorite series these days! It’s funny, I have all these little systems and methods for how I run my business, and many of them are so normal to me that I just figure everyone else already does what I’m doing. But every so often I’ll share one little thing […]

  • David Joseph - luv your images too! I would love to be as good as you one day!ReplyCancel

  • Ally Allison - Abby – thank you! This is wonderful. I’ve been looking for 2 piece linen boxes (similar to the ones your cards came in!) for my client welcome gifts! I’ll definitely check out Paper Source.ReplyCancel

These two require no introduction. You may remember them from their engagement session, or maybe their wedding, or perhaps their darling Anniversary Experience session when they celebrated their first year of marriage! Phil & Megan have been two of my biggest cheerleaders (and one of my first Legacy Couples!) from the beginning- it’s hard to […]

  • Jean - Sweet, sweet, sweet! Love these photos. Love her dress!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Thank you for not only the beautiful photos but for making this preggo feel beautiful, for always being part of our most important moments, and for being an amazing friend. We love you!ReplyCancel

When your favorite bridal gown designer asks you to photograph her fall line in Paris, France, you say YES! without hesitation! I met Katherine of Katherine Bignon Bridal during dinner at the first iteration of Creative at Heart- we sat across from each other at dinner, and it didn’t take long to discover we had a mutual […]