I’m one of those Type A kind of people who needs to do certain things the same way, every time, and my photograph organization is a perfect example of that! I name my folders the same way every time, which makes locating from my archives a lot more simple. And when it comes to how […]

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  • Rebekah Kemp - Hi Abby!! Love this post! Why/how do you use Photomechanic (instead of Lightroom) to sort your photos for export to PASS?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Rebekah! PhotoMechanic is MUCH faster- rather than having to manually export each particular folder of images from LR, I export everything at one time and then quickly sort in PM. I also do all my culling in PM as well :).ReplyCancel

If I had to pick a single word to describe them together, it would be “selfless.” It was a reoccurring theme that wove its way throughout the wedding- in conversations with bridesmaids at the St. Regis before the ceremony, at the brunch table with groomsmen and family, in the wedding homily itself, during toasts, all of […]

Four years and three months ago, I was tired. Like, bone tired. I’d been building my business while working a full time corporate job for almost two years, and I was at a tipping point; I just couldn’t do both anymore. We were in the parking lot at Wegmans when I had another meltdown- I was overwhelmed by how […]

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I can’t imagine how it feels to be a guy getting ready to pop the question to his sweetheart. As a photographer, I get really nervous before proposals! So, if MY hands are trembling slightly in anticipation, how anxious must he be?! John contacted me about a month beforehand- he knew he’d found his girl, […]

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I think, of all the traits it’s important to possess in order to have a rich, long-lasting marriage, one of the MOST important is the ability to laugh together. Not AT one another, with one another. And these two do that spectacularly. They laugh often and emphatically, with one another, and at themselves as well. They just […]