Well wouldja look at that? It’s Monday again! And I’m having a serious case of dejá vu. I’m sitting in City Lights Coffee in Charleston, SC typing up a blog post & newsletter, which is exactly how I spent another Monday back in March when I was here for our girls’ week! We’ve been traveling […]

  • Dixie - I tore through HP&TCC (I can do that, right?) yesterday, too! I’m a little scared to say this online, but it wasn’t all that I imagined. I don’t want to go in to too much detail just here, but I sure will talk about it in emails if that’s an option! ha.

    Also, enjoy Charleston! It’s one of my favorite cities!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Field aka Mom - I’ve longed to go to Charleston for awhile and your photo just makes me want to to go there now, Have fun there and at Kiawah. You know, your Aunt Terry Lynn is there now former the week.ReplyCancel

  • Jaqueline Faria - I finished Harry Potter too!!! Read it in like half a day. My grandma use to say that I didn’t read books I swallowed them. Have to admit that I was slightly disappointed though. I feel awful for saying that but…ReplyCancel

  • Emilia Jane - Holy shit Abby that header image! WHAT A DREAM.ReplyCancel

As I walked the streets hand in hand with Matt during our first Paris experience, I remember my senses being utterly overwhelmed. The romantic sound of French being spoken around us. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting out of nearby boulangeries. The taste of a foamy café crème with half teaspoon of grainy sugar, the pastel […]

  • Urška Majer - Abby, these are stunning! I’m leaving for France this weekend and even though i won’t be in Paris these photographs just made me even more excited for the beautiful french architecture 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jean - These are gorgeous photos. Of course my eye went right to the bed covering and how I might duplicate that scalloped border. Your written words are so expressive and elegant. Love you and am so proud of you!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - Ohhhh my. I’m in love.ReplyCancel

  • Nikki - Abby! It looks as though you had Versailles all to yourself. I would love to go someday…what a dream!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - La belle époque pour mon amie Abby! Pensez-vous que les photos d’aujourd’hui pourraient apporter à la vie par le passé à Versailles?ReplyCancel

  • Rici - Oh I loved looking at these so very much!!! <3
    I might have a shooting in Paris in September 😉ReplyCancel

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Yep, it’s Tuesday, and nope, yesterday wasn’t a national holiday. I just didn’t pre-blog my Monday Mash-Up before the Creative At Heart conference because I didn’t plan ahead. Apologies, friends! We’ve been completely immersed in a world of business-changing conversations and dynamic speakers over the last […]

  • Alicia Lacey - I can attest that the truffle fry addiction is real — how have I gone this long without these!?!?ReplyCancel

  • Karen Field aka Mom - How did you start on pink pencils? They are beautiful! I can picture them in a small pretty vase and allow them to just be beautiful! Quick question: how does Matt feel about the pink doors? I love them but your Dad wouldn’t go for that at all!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Truffle fries sounds yummy! I love the pink door, but our Homeowners Association would not allow it. The only time I smelled pot smoke was when my kids were in high school and I had to walk past the smoking block to check them out for orthodontist appointments! Obviously no one was monitoring the smoking block!ReplyCancel

It’s one of every photographer’s worst nightmares. You pick up your camera to start shooting, and for some reason, it stops working and you have NO idea why. Your mouth goes dry, pulse quickens, sweat breaks out on your forehead. “Oh crap, oh crap, OH $#*%!” That’s exactly what happened to me several weeks ago! […]

  • Jean - Way to come back from a near disaster! Wow!ReplyCancel

  • Mylah Renae - I had the same thing happen, but at a styled shoot. *insert heart attack* Luckily, that is EXACTLY why we carry back-up equipment!ReplyCancel

  • Rici - Oh my!! Thank you for sharing this! I did not know about the JPG and RAW thing after resetting. I always text Jan (my college) for help if anything happens… But yes. It is important to stay focused on what matters & if the clients love the result all is well. :*ReplyCancel

We’d been talking about buying a new-to-us car for a while now! As much as I love my blue hatchback, it’s not exactly the perfect car to fit a bride & groom into if I ever need to shuttle them from one spot to another for portraits on the wedding day. Especially not if I […]

  • Abbeigh - Love it!! With it being red and your sincere love for all things Harry Potter, I vote Rubeus ;)!ReplyCancel

  • Paw Paw - I like the name “Big Red”! I am so glad this worked out for both of us and it is rewarding to see how much you are enjoying the vehicle. Whenever you sell a vehicle to family you worry that something will go wrong and I’m really happy that it is meeting your needs and expectations. We loved the car and just found selling it to gave us an opportunity to get back into our favorite type of car.ReplyCancel

  • Dad - It already has initials GMC which of course stand for Gryffindor Motor Company hence it is a “Gryffindor.”ReplyCancel