I cannot WAIT for next week! I’m leaving on Sunday for Las Vegas to spend a few days at the world’s largest photography conference, and I’d LOVE to see you there. This is only the second time I’ve been, and while Vegas definitely isn’t my typical scene, it’s worth going just for all the industry […]

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It all started with a tough conversation in my friend Katelyn’s living room last February. I was tired, burned out, and had hit a major plateau I couldn’t seem to overcome. In short, I’d finally realized I couldn’t do it all on my own anymore. I needed HELP. But where to find that sort of […]

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Alright guys. I realize that by posting this, it’s not at ALL in line with my brand of “old-school chic, classic, French-loving elegance.” Buuuut I kinda don’t care, because I’m pretty proud of it, no matter how nerdy it may be! As soon as Kaitlyn Phipps told me she was expecting, I knew I wanted to do something special […]

  • Heather - I love this!! How cool! I always think homemade gifts are so much more special and know that babe will appreciate the love and hard work you put in when they’re snuggled up in it 15 years from now!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Field aka Mom - From your quilting mother, bravo! You are carrying on after several generations on your maternal side. This gladdens my heart. Baby Ollie will be held and loved in this quilt and may it be his favorite blankie!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - What a great gift for someone so special to you. Your Granny is very proud that you took up quilting and that it brings you pleasure to create something so original. This is just one more of your talents. Love you!ReplyCancel

Today’s been a bit of a slow start for me, part of that being related to the fact that I’m moving slow as molasses today. Working out with your husband is no joke, but I have to admit- I love the feeling of sore muscles. We’ve been experimenting with high-intensity interval training, and as hard […]

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If you missed Part 1 last week (Why [and When] I don’t shoot film), make sure to give that a read first! It’ll put all of this in context! I don’t really know anyone else who runs their business the way I do when it comes to film vs. digital- for the most part, you […]

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  • Mia Bjerring - Digital or film – your work is always beyond gorgeous! Your clients are super lucky to have the Abby Grace Experience both with film and digital!ReplyCancel

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  • Photog Friday: How to get started with film - […] HERE for a post explaining when I shoot […]ReplyCancel