Well hellllO there, Tuesday! You snuck up on me there, didn’t you? That’s the disconcerting thing about working the day after a holiday- I never remember I’ll have to work until I crawl into bed late at night on whatever holiday it is. Maybe because, as a kid, you got the days AROUND big holidays […]

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They first met in Manhattan Beach. It was one of those “we have mutual friends” situations that brought them together, both being from the East Coast and finding themselves on the complete opposite side of the country. The group of mutual friends began to grow and form a sort of close-knit family- sort of like college […]

Goooooood morning, Vietnam! I just realized yesterday that my Spring season is over, which means we have a mini “off-season” for the next few weeks! So we have a few things that are definitely in order: 1) cleaning out our offices, 2) getting to work on a couple new educational ideas Matt &/or I have come […]

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