Most of you all know me as a Francophile, but for those who’ve known me since before my first experience in Paris… you’ll remember that I was an Anglophile first. France (and Paris) will always be my greatest international love, but England was my first transatlantic crush. My first trip outside the US was to London, and then Stamford, […]

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And now, for the next four months, we’re the same age! Before I met you, I swore I’d never date anyone younger than me ever again. Then you came into the picture and I ate my words. Granted, it’s only an 8-month difference, and then there’s the fact that you’ve always been vastly more mature […]

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Ok, so I originally had something completely different on my blogging calendar for today. But after sharing this on my Instagram story on Wednesday and receiving an email asking me to blog it, I decided to change tracks! I was cleaning out my office earlier this week and stumbled across a list of goals I’d […]

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We watched the forecast for days leading up to the wedding. Two days out, there was 30% chance of rain during portraits… then the day before, a 90% chance. Claudia had gone through the trouble of getting a permit for the memorial in DC, but if it was raining, none of that would matter… so […]

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I LOVE photographing perfume bottles. Maybe it’s because I remember being so fascinated with the delicate bottle of Tea Rose in my mom’s bathroom growing up- I snuck spritzes of that scent more times than she probably realized (sorry, Mom!). But until recently, my problem was that I forgot to ask my brides for their signature […]

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