I can’t imagine how it feels to be a guy getting ready to pop the question to his sweetheart. As a photographer, I get really nervous before proposals! So, if MY hands are trembling slightly in anticipation, how anxious must he be?! John contacted me about a month beforehand- he knew he’d found his girl, […]

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I think, of all the traits it’s important to possess in order to have a rich, long-lasting marriage, one of the MOST important is the ability to laugh together. Not AT one another, with one another. And these two do that spectacularly. They laugh often and emphatically, with one another, and at themselves as well. They just […]

Ok, so I don’t know what the weather’s like in Northern Virginia today, but we woke up this morning in Rhode Island to SUNSHINE!! You might be scratching your head as to why this is significant, so let me fill you in- it’s been raining and/or foggy at home for the last 2.5 weeks. And […]

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So today’s topic is a bit of a fun one! I spent my first year in the wedding industry as an apprentice- I lost count of how many weddings I second shot before taking on my own clients. I learned a lot while shooting for my mentor, and I also made a LOT of goofs. […]

  • Susan Smith - This was great! I cringe at all the mistakes I made as a second shooter (even with second shooting with you!).

    Something I always tried to do and I think people appreciated it was get shots of the main shooter in action! Obviously, don’t miss important shots of the bride and groom for this. But if the opportunity arrives and you see the main shooter working really well with the bride and groom, step back and capture the entire scene! They’ll appreciate this so they can add it to their website, or just have!

    Oh – and don’t be afraid to do “the dirty work”. I recently second shot a wedding in Texas. As people were filling up for the ceremony, an Uncle started standing in the aisle. It was clear he was “testing his shot” for the actual ceremony. We both were really concerned that he was going to get in the way of the main shot. I offered to go be “the mean person” and ask the uncle to not go in the aisle during the ceremony so the main shooter didn’t get a bad wrap. I would much rather have guests not like me than the main shooter! It ended up not being an issue, but be willing to step in with guests so the main shooter doesn’t have to worry about it!

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“What are you most looking forward to today?” “The ceremony. We’ve been preparing for this moment for over a year, and I just can’t wait to be married.” That is always, without a doubt, my favorite answer. After six years together, they’re finally wearing the title “Mr. & Mrs.” and I have to say- it looks […]

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