If you missed Part 1 last week (Why [and When] I don’t shoot film), make sure to give that a read first! It’ll put all of this in context! I don’t really know anyone else who runs their business the way I do when it comes to film vs. digital- for the most part, you […]

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  • Mia Bjerring - Digital or film – your work is always beyond gorgeous! Your clients are super lucky to have the Abby Grace Experience both with film and digital!ReplyCancel

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  • Photog Friday: How to get started with film - […] HERE for a post explaining when I shoot […]ReplyCancel

Vince & Cassie could easily qualify as one of the most laid-back couples I’ve ever photographed, and I LOVED that about them! They planned their wedding with short engagement of only a few months, because when you know? You know! And what’s the point in waiting at that point? Their wedding day was gorgeous from […]

I think last month’s blizzard was my favorite snowstorm in memory. Why? Because we have two sets of friends from church who live within walking distance, so rather than weathering the storm alone, we got to spend it holed up with friends! Board games and watercolor paints and chili in the crockpot, and a bottle […]

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It feels like SPRING in northern Virginia this morning! There are birds chirping, the sun’s shining, and almost all the snow from last month’s blizzard is gone. There are still a few small piles here and there, but the sidewalks are clear for the first time in a month! I LOVE springtime. It’s the most […]

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We’ll start this blog post out with a disclaimer: I’m just sharing how I prefer to do things! This is in no way meant to communicate that my way is better or worse than anyone else’s. I get asked on a regular basis about how much film I shoot at weddings, and I figured having […]