The first time I noticed the quiet way in which he loves her was when I saw a self-portrait he’d taken of the two of them. It was an intimate black & white photo- her head tipped back on the arm of a couch, a gentle kiss on her forehead from David. I saw that […]

You KNOW an engagement was phenomenal when you get a text from your bride afterwards that says “Oh, and Bryan wanted to make sure you know that if you were not already coming to the wedding to take pictures that we would want to invite you because you are pretty freakin awesome!” These two. Oh, […]

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  • Margaret Piacentini - Abby, you have once again outdone yourself. Thank you for the lovely “blog” and comments about my two babies!! I cannot wait to be with you in June as you continue to work your magic!!ReplyCancel

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Happy Monday, friends! Last week was super, super busy for us, so I slept in today. Until 10. And it was glorious. I think it’s one of God’s greatest gifts to man. Truly- is there anything better than waking up with that warm, slightly sleepy-yet-totally-satisfied feeling after a good night of rest? I think not. […]

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  • Monday Mash-Up - […] I worked straight through last weekend by second shooting for a Kate on Saturday, and working on Operation Unicorn last Sunday. So Matt and I took last Monday afternoon OFF and visited Stone Tower Winery for a […]ReplyCancel

The best term I heard used to describe these  “incandescently happy.”The maid of honor used that particular turn of phrase during her toast to the new couple, and the evidence of that joy was written all over- in the adoring way in which Will held his bride close throughout the night, in Karie’s happy tears listening to her […]

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    Happy Day – Mr. and Mrs. Will Dorrance!ReplyCancel

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I was SO excited to finally meet these two! Kristen and I first chatted almost three years ago, so this meeting’s been coming on for a while. These two are incredibly sweet together- they have one of those quieter sort of loves. And that’s not to say that they’re both shy people, just that their […]

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