This is SUCH an exciting day, you guys!! Some of you have probably already guessed it, as I’ve been hinting over on Insta for a while now, but today’s the day we FINALLY let you guys in on the secret! Without further ado, introducing…For all of you who guessed that we’re opening up a print […]

  • Terri Baskin - Congratulations Abby!!! What a beautiful idea!ReplyCancel

  • Emily - How exciting!!! I love looking at all your beautiful pictures from France!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - YAY!! Ordered! So excited for you and this new adventure! xoReplyCancel

  • Ally Allison - Abby this is so wonderful!!! Congratulations, sweet friend! I hope you’ve got some Firenze portraits in there, somewhere!!!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Jean - What a wonderful thing for you to do. I love these! Congrats on your new venture!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Anne Hayes - And here I am, in the midst of decorating my home, and wishing I could have gorgeous prints of Paris up on my walls to inspire upcoming trips! So excited about this!!ReplyCancel

  • rebekah j. - aww – good for you!! this is so exciting. I respect this even more since I’ve been meaning to launch a print shop too and it keeps getting ignored. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Ethan - Good choice. Do work, son.ReplyCancel

  • Karen aka Mom - I got a prototype set and had to find my own envelopes for them. They are gorgeous! I highly recommend them!ReplyCancel

  • La Vie en Rose, by Abby Grace - […] to announce the results of collaboration with my friend Abby Grace are here for you to enjoy: La Vie en Rose, a set of fine art photography notecards! Abby and Europe have a love affair that’s been going on for years but Paris holds the key to […]ReplyCancel

  • Monday Mash-Up - […] last week was big- in case you missed the announcement, we’re opening a print shop!! We launched pre-order for our first product, La Vie en Rose, a set of 12 fine art photography […]ReplyCancel

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about why I like traveling solo, and after my most recent international trip, I figured now’s a good time to follow up with what I’ve learned in the process! Traveling alone is it’s own adventure, regardless of where you are. I’m Type A in that I typically need […]

  • Lauren Swann - I love the lessons that travel teaches!! Such a good lesson for all of us Abby!!ReplyCancel

  • Shalese - Abby! I’m curious about how much French you knew before traveling there so much. Did you take French in college or do any Rosetta Stone type things to freshen up before going? I’ve always heard that being immersed in the language makes what you’ve learned come back a little, so I’m curious if that was true for you!ReplyCancel

One of the perks of a short trip overseas is that your body never really adjusts to the time change, so while that means you don’t sleep much during your travel, it also means you don’t have to deal with jetlag when you arrive home. WOO! Last week was absolutely incredible- I had four shoots in just over […]

  • Dad - Yes but inquiring minds want to know how many people asked you for directions in Russian while at the Airport in Moscow?!?!?!?ReplyCancel

  • Jean - I wondered how that layover in Russia would be. Glad you made it home safely. These photos are beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Maria - ‘Layover in Russia’ sounds more magical than it probably really is 😉 Can’t wait to see pictures of your travel!ReplyCancel

My sweet friend Natalie Franke wrote an awesome post a couple of weeks ago about her three favorite lenses, and I liked it so much I decided to do one of my own! Natalie is one the most well-known blogtographers (the name I just made up for photographers who blog) in this area of the country, and […]

  • lily - Thank you for sharing.
    Love that you shared so many sample images and from the same wedding too :)ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Love all the photos and your explanations of the lenses. You are so talented!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Braswell - Great post and gooooorgeous work! Do you use all primes for weddings then? I’m just getting started as a wedding photographer and I feel like I carry a small arsenal with me, haha!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Cherry - These are my 3 most-used lenses too! Except, I haven’t upgraded to the 85 1.2 just yet since I’m simply obsessed with the 50. Thinking I need to rent it and try it out soon!ReplyCancel

What an absolute whirlwind the last 48 hours have been! I landed in Paris on Tuesday afternoon at 1pm and by 5:15, was on my way to my first shoot of the week. Then 12 hours later, I was up and at ’em at 5am for another shoot, and then 12 hours after THAT, I […]