I just changed the wreath on our front door to a fall-themed one. Which was kind of a bummer, because I’m pretty fond of the one I made for August! But with the change of door decor comes cooler weather and an excuse to make mulled cider again, so I’m totally on board with it. […]

  • Ally Allison - Abby – your list of speaking, teaching, and education involvement is impressive, girl! :) Congratulations!!!! You’re a rockstar. Also – let’s make butterbeer.ReplyCancel

  • Hailey Huggins - I’ve been following your Instagram, but have just now found your blog! Ah, it’s beautiful! Sounds like you have a busy fall season with all of the teaching. Awesome!ReplyCancel

We’ve known these two for about a year now- they came to RCC one Sunday last fall and I remembered  them by their cowboy boots- we loved them from the very beginning! Bobby has this warm, inviting personality that can put anyone at ease, and Lindsey is one of the wisest people I’ve ever met. […]

  • Jean - These are beautiful photos and I love the story of how it happened. Sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea Anderson - Oh Bobby and Lindsey – your love is so sweet made perfect the our great savior. Scott and I are SO grateful that you’re in our loves and we’re also grateful that you get to be spoiled by Abby and Matt :) What a blessing to be able to spend your first anniversary with Abby – I know it was HUGE for us! I pray these images will thrust your image into the future many years and that you’ll always look back on this sweet season.

    Abby – such a great job capturing this sweet people. I love how you captured Lindsey’s beautiful smile and the love that these two have. I love that you can see the beautiful way that Bobby romances his sweet bride and holds onto her unlike any other groom I’ve seen :) Thanks for capturing that, and that’s for being a part of building their marriage!

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  • Christa Stables - Ahhh these are so great!! I love them and I love seeing your joy through them!! :)ReplyCancel

I was one of those folks who used the term “natural light photographer” to detract from the fact that I had NO idea how to use off-camera lighting. I could work natural light like a boss, but when there was no natural  light available? I was sort of screwed. As professional photographers, it’s our job to be able to […]

  • Nicki - Abby these are stunning. Simply gorgeous. Did you use a simple off camera flash with a trigger or a soft box?ReplyCancel

  • Mary Marantz - AMAZING!!!! love you & SOOOOO proud of you! And DANG these look GOOD!!


  • Alicia - Totally just pulled the trigger and bought it!! I had NO IDEA these were flash when you posted one!ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - If you say you say you are the type of person to get-intimidated-by-complicated-things,-thus-giving-up-before-I-ever-really-try than I am sold! I attended the J&M Lighting intensive, but it’s now a blur, and would probably get more out of this handbook. Thanks for the discount and tips 😉ReplyCancel

  • Mia Bjerring - These are super gorgeous!! I already bought the guide and can’t wait to read through it and learn so much! I love how you can make artificial light look more natural!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Wells - I’ve been dying to get The Lighting Guide for so long and happily just pulled the trigger! Thanks for sharing!!ReplyCancel

I remember sitting at a table with Megan & two more of our college roommates when she told us that she and Tyler were expecting. We were chatting about this and that, and she casually laid something on the table- it took us all a minute to realize the thing she’d put down was a frame […]

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Ok, so I totally had it on my blogging calendar to post some of my favorite Align Album Design spreads today, and then I got an email from Melissa Jill about their “Pricing For Profit” quiz and decided to combine them into one. I love how that worked out, don’t you? Truthfully, I took the […]

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  • Jacob & Courtney’s wedding album - […] PS- if you’re a photographer looking to simplify your workflow, do yourself a huge favor and look into outsourcing your album spreads with Align! It’s saved me DAYS of work, and my clients get their books faster than ever! You can read more HERE and HERE. […]ReplyCancel