Happy Monday, folks! Can someone please explain this insane weather going around the US right now? Last week I saw Instagrams from my friends in Chicago of frozen doorhandles and thermostats reading -15 degrees F, and then Virginia had one of its coldest days on record, and then on Saturday it was 62 degrees. WHAT […]

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I was originally planning to combine this post with a “highlights reel” of my favorite images from last year, but as I started making my list of “I can’t believe that happened” moments (henceforth to be referred to as “ICBTH”), the list was waaay too long to make into a double post. So you’ll likely […]

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It’s a strange sort of wonder, to watch a friend go from dating her soul mate to marrying him, to carrying their first child, to finally bringing that brand new life home cradled in her and her husband’s arms. And yet somehow, it still feels so natural, because I’ve known for years now that Ashley […]

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Dear Matt, Can you believe it was three whole years ago today that we locked eyes and promised each other forever? I know I say this a lot, but I’m still not sure how I tricked you into marrying me. But it’ took a while for me to realize that’s the case, that I’m the […]

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  • Karen Field aka Mom - Wow! Three years ago! I was just looking through some boxed things in your room yesterday and found some bride related things of yours, including a copy of your wedding invitation. I also remember that night after Matt proposed going out to dinner with his parents and the happy couple and your father. I remember remarking aloud that we had prayed since you were born that God would be raising up a little boy in a Christian home just for you and Matt’s father leaning over to tell me that they had done the very same thing for Matt. I don’t know how many times I have remarked to friends that we couldn’t have picked out a better husband for you. God was and is so good to both of you! Tears of happiness falling just thinking about the joy of that reception. And to add to it all, there was your oldest brother, live from Afghanistan via Skype and his Major’s permission arranged behind the scenes so he could “be there” in real time to see you be married from the balcony of the church and then carried down to the reception and then patched in to the two screens down there to read the poem he wrote for you on your wedding day. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. He’d spent close to three hours in the subfreezing temps there to be “present” for your wedding. One day you should post the family photo with him on the laptop in the shot! Your father and I love both of you and wish you a Happy Anniversary!ReplyCancel

It’s the first MMU of 2014! And because today’s the first Monday of the New Year, it kind of feels like today is the REAL start of 2014. This is the beginning of the “off-season” for me, as I won’t shoot a wedding again until April, so I’m embarking on a TON of things I’ve […]

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  • Karen Field aka Mom - Abby, I loved this post. I love knowing that you have an off season and that you have such exciting plans for it. There are things you can actually check off of your list and know that they have been accomplished! Others will be things that you’ll be in process about so don’t be impatient for them to fall into place. It’s all grace! Grace, Grace, Grace! And I don’t mean your middle name. I’m looking forward to your future posts this week!ReplyCancel