We met on the first day of the spring semester in a digital photography + communication class. I can’t remember what was said, just that I liked her hair and her sharp personality. Hope is a firecracker, a go-getter, charismatic to the core, one of those people that make you wonder how you hadn’t met […]

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You’ve heard the saying “a cobbler’s children never have shoes,” right? The same can be said for photographers. How often is it that we spend our days photographing other people’s love stories, but completely forget to document our own? See, it’s not just the photos that we need- it’s that uninterrupted, unadulterated time together, holding […]

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  • Life in the fast lane- UNITED 2014 and WPPI recap » Modern International Wedding Photographer - […] the opportunity to photograph an anniversary session with THIS gorgeous […]ReplyCancel

It’s been pretty quiet over here on the blog so far this week, and that’s been intentional. This California sunshine, the incredible community of photographers, and the chance to learn from some of the BEST in the industry is so delightful that I’m spending every possible moment soaking it all in, and as little time […]

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I apologize in advance for this super hurried post- I’m running around with my hair on fire today, trying to get everything ready for my trip to Santa Barbara tomorrow. UNITED 2014 starts on Sunday and I’m SO excited to be overwhelmed again. Hugs, smiles, a lot of laughs, and a ton of learning. It’s […]

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We’ve all done it: you go on an incredible getaway, you want to capture EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of every single thing you see and every person you meet along the way. And then you get home and find yourself uploading 1,000+ images to your computer, and you’re so overwhelmed that you never even get around […]

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  • Allison Mannella - Thank you so much for sharing such great advice and reminders! I am taking a trip soon and debating between film and digital, so this was perfectly timed! How did you find going through airport security with film?ReplyCancel

  • Becca B - I so needed to read this! I have spent the past month wading through images from my husband and I’s anniversary trip… the task feels more daunting than enjoyable and that’s totally not how remembering a vacation should be. I need to focus on capturing memories, not documenting every. single. moment. Hah! Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

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  • Morgan Leigh - Thank you so much for your advice! Ever since I started my blog, I haven’t taken a snapshot. Almost every image that has been taken has been “for my blog.” This post really helped me change my perspective on that! Thank you so much!! (Also, love all the images, and the cute sheep!!!)ReplyCancel

  • Sher - travel photography is my absolute favorite. i love how easy artifact uprising makes it to share iphone photos!