Where to begin with these two? Their warm smiles say all you need to feel at ease with them, to feel invited in like family. Their love is palpable, making everything else around it feel all the more beautiful, all the more marvelous. Her piercing blue eyes, his sweet expression whenever his gaze falls on […]

These two are the sort of couple I wish I could tote along with me to every beautiful place I’ve ever accidentally stumbled upon. Their easy way together makes any scene all the more incredible, and their love is such a joyful thing to behold! He’s crazy about her, that much is evident from the […]

Confession: I didn’t post a Monday Mash-Up yesterday because I was too busy sleeping in. Well, sleeping in after arriving back home from a 5:45 am sunrise session, but same jist! Every photographer’s threshold for how many weddings they can realistically handle within a period of time is different- I’ve heard of some photos doing […]

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  • Karen Field/Mom - Great job, Matt! Well executed shot! Abby, you do look gorgeous in this photo. Did you make this skirt, too? I loved that when you tilted your head it gave an excuse for your curls to spill out over your shoulders. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

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  • Jean - Kudos to Matt for the great photo of my precious granddaughter! Glad you have realized your limitations and can work within those. That’s a very important lesson to learn. Love looking are your beautiful photographs.ReplyCancel

It was the perfect day for a wedding. The perfect day to don a Vera Wang gown, gather up her coral charm peony bouquet, and meet her beloved beneath the gothic arches of the Branford Courtyard at Yale University. It was the perfect weather to stroll easily about the campus where they first met, to […]

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This is the stuff of my dreams. These two dancers, this location, the lighting, everything. Ever since beginning my ballerina series, I’ve been dreaming of photographing a pas de deux, or a pair of dancers together. Truthfully, I was nervous going into this session- so excited that I was finally having the chance to fulfill […]