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Oh, Lily. We’ve had you less than a year and I’m totally smitten with you. Actually, I was totally smitten with you after the first day. Despite the numberous shoes, sunglasses, various articles of clothing and personal belongings you’ve destroyed with those sharp puppy teeth you used to have, we’re just crazy about you. Your bright green eyes give people cause to stop and fall in love with you, and that little bit of white fur on the bottom of each paw and the tip of your tail makes it look like you just walked through a “wet paint” zone. I love that when I reach down to pet you, you fall to the ground and roll over in the hopes of a good belly rub.

Watching you attempt to nonchalantly drift toward the waste basket in hopes of sneaking out that paper towel you just saw me throw away never fails to make me laugh, and the way you take to running laps around the apartment when you get excited puts me in stitches! I love that you keep me company during the days of working at home- that big brown leather chair is officially your territory. And Lily, as much as I tell you to quit it, I do appreciate that you keep watch out of our 3rd floor apartment, growling at any person/dog/cat/squirrel on the ground that comes too close to the building. Truly, Beebs, your wrath is a fearsome thing to behold. Lily, Bebe, Beebs, Bubba, Sparkle Baby. No idea how that last one came about.

Happy first birthday, Lily!

This one makes me laugh EVER TIME I see it!

Happy Friday, friends!