When her initial email landed in my inbox, I thought “that name sounds familiar…” And it turns out, there was a reason for that! Elizabeth & I went to high school together, ran track together, and my dad was one of her cross country coaches! And somehow, she looks exactly the same as I remember her- […]

  • Alicia Lacey - Oh Abby, these are just so beautiful! Love how I can see their spirit in these images and clearly their love for each other!ReplyCancel

  • Emily Cole - I have been so excited for this blog post!!! These are AMAZING!! Ahhhh so much love!!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Gorgeous photos.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy Cole - Beautiful pictures of Elizabeth and Dave! MoB looking forward to June 3, 21017!ReplyCancel

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Mondays are hard sometimes, y’all. Most of the time, I LOVE Mondays! Getting into the office to start in on the ideas that have been buzzing around my head for several days? It’s the best! But today, I just sort of want to crawl back into bed and wait for Tuesday. It’s not that I’m having […]

  • Jean - Love the photos. You are so good at directing folks and who could resist that smile you flash!ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - I love Boston too. There is so much good food & wonderful historical stuff. I love all the different neighborhoods & how easy it is to get around the city with the public transit. If it weren’t so darn cold (& expensive) up there, I’d consider moving there.ReplyCancel

I’m a wedding photographer, but I’m not passionate about photography. Don’t get me wrong- I love taking photographs. But I love PEOPLE even more. People like Sean & Emily. They’re the sort of couple who, just through the course of watching them interact throughout their engagement session, remind you of why you chose this career […]