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Monday Mash-Up

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming! Yeah, that whole “going a week without blogging” thing? Sorry about that… sort of. Dan & Sarah’s wedding last weekend was out in the California wilderness (no, really- the area we were in is actually designated as wilderness), and the wifi + cell service out there was virtually […]

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Closing time!

Remember that song? It was on NOW volume 2. I know because it was one of the first CDs I ever owned. But I digress. After 46 signatures (no joke, I kept tally), 23 days from offer letter to closing paperwork, and an hour at the title person’s office, we are officially HOMEOWNERS! We walked […]

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Yeah, all those cryptic Tweets and “I wish I could say what’s going on” hints I’d been dropping? This is what those were about! AHHH! Somebody PLEASE pinch me, because I still feel like I’m dreaming! Please excuse the quality of my iPhone photos in this post- I intentionally left my camera at home for […]

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Paleo-friendly cold-brew iced coffee!

I’m not usually one to rave about the taste of coffee- I prefer tea, when it comes to actually enjoyment of the thing itself, but I really do like the┬áritual of coffee. But then I tried cold-brew coffee last summer and it changed my view, at least on the “iced” side of things. Cold brew […]

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