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I’ve written and re-written this post in my head several times over, but never actually put it on paper or a screen. “Is it too personal? Am I showing too much of my heart? What will my couples think?” If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know I’ve never shied away from […]

It was a typical weekday night in mid-November of 2013- I was sitting on the couch in the living room, most likely working on a blog post or edits, and Matt was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I heard the tinkling sound of breaking glass, rolled my eyes, and asked “what was it that […]

And now, for the next four months, we’re the same age! Before I met you, I swore I’d never date anyone younger than me ever again. Then you came into the picture and I ate my words. Granted, it’s only an 8-month difference, and then there’s the fact that you’ve always been vastly more mature […]

We’d been talking about buying a new-to-us car for a while now! As much as I love my blue hatchback, it’s not exactly the perfect car to fit a bride & groom into if I ever need to shuttle them from one spot to another for portraits on the wedding day. Especially not if I […]

I swore we’d never be “those” sort of dog people. You know, the ones who talk to their pups in weird voices? And I remember insisting to Matt that we would NEVER refer to ourselves as “mom & dad” for our dogs because, well, they’re canines and we’re humans. But despite all my good/misguided intentions, […]