Monthly Archives: July 2011

I once heard a very wise man named Andy Bernard say this regarding the importance of first dates and why they need to be perfect- “Why? Because according to How I Met Your Mother, that’s the story your kids are going to be waiting years to hear about, and you better have a good story […]

As someone thoroughly engrossed in the wedding industry, I love having the opportunity to stop and smell the roses/peonies/callas/hypernicum berries/etc. Occasionally, especially during wedding season, wedding professionals forget that the wedding we’re shooting isn’t just another day on the job; it’s the biggest day of your bride and groom’s lives up to this point. Matt […]

 I was a little intimidated when Matt was hired as the interim youth pastor at Church of the Epiphany. I was, for the most part, absent from my church’s Youth Group scene. A combination of rotating staff, high school band and my own insecurities contributed to my aversion of weekly gatherings. So how on earth […]

I am inspired by my Pilot G-2 pen. Its smoothe, uninterrupted black lines makes my handwriting look classic, more beautiful, and it inspires me to continue writing to add to the consistency of loops, dots and dashes as my words dance across the page. I’m very particular about my writing instruments. Why? you may ask. Because a good […]