Monthly Archives: August 2011

This morning while I’m heading off to work, he’s making last-minute checks on his gear, his military-issued weapon and Facebook. His commanding officers are probably yelling at his platoon for one thing or another. I’d be willing to bet that he’s cracking jokes. He may even be wearing a pair of white Ray-Ban sunglasses that […]

This past weekend I discovered (by virtue of my computer running really REALLY slow) that my Mac’s hard drive is almost full, so I began going through and deleting extra files and photos I don’t need. There was one folder I’d been putting off culling through, the one marked “Matt’s Graduation.” But with RAW images containing […]

I’ve decided that, as someone who’s still relatively fresh to the community, I want to document my lessons learned. My favorite posts on the blogs on photographers I admire most are entries that are directed toward others in the profession. So for my first “Lessons Learned” post, I’ll share what I’ve learned about timeliness. I’ll […]

That’s right folks, a 72. That’s an average of 4 strokes per hole. Or a couple of lucky 2s, several 7s, and a hole-in-one to end on a good note. Did I mention the par on almost ever hole was 2? Let me share a secret with you- I have no patience. Thus why golf […]

In case you’re wondering what an earthquake feels like, here’s a brief summary: 1. You feel the floor start to bounce, and you assume someone must be running down the hall. 2. It starts bouncing even more- you wonder if it’s an Olympic heavyweight wrestler doing the running. 3. The room starts to shake back […]