Monthly Archives: November 2011

That title? That’s actually something I asked Matt on multiple occasions before my blog launched this past Spring. I was SO excited to have the chance to showcase my latest work and offer some of my own words to accompany the images, but I also wanted to blog more than just my recent shoots. I […]

Shawn and Ashley met in college, though they went to the same high school and spent four years passing each other by. She thought he was cute, but didn’t realize she wanted him until she heard another girl teasing him and calling him “Luda,” a shortened version of his last name. She now shares that […]

I’d like to think I do a pretty good job of allowing my personality to shine through through my blog posts, but just in case I think too highly of my writing abilities, here’s ten things you may not have known: 1) Sometimes when I travel by myself in an airport, I talk in a […]

I have baby fever. But not for having kids of my own- just for other people’s babies. For a few hours at  a time. So like… I have babysitting fever. Which is perfect come the holiday season because holidays mean family gatherings, and family gatherings often mean BABIES! We’ve been in Roanoke for the past […]

Our church has a pre-school program that runs during the week. The teacher asked all of her 4- and 5-year-olds to describe how to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. This is my favorite of them all: “Go to the woods and catch a turkey with a butterfly net. Cut his head off with a knife […]