Monthly Archives: January 2012

I’m a competitor- whatever I do, I want to throw my all into, and I want to win. Or do my best, whichever one gets me to the top. In college I was used to scoring the highest, being the most informed, and wanting to succeed more than anything (most definitely to the annoyance of […]

It all started when I was five and we were living in Orlando. My neighbor’s cat had kittens and they offered me one, so I ran home squealing and skipping, determined to convince my mom and dad to let me have one. And then my mom broke the news: we couldn’t have a cat because […]

I need to remember to whip out my iPhone more. I always forget about all of these awesome photography apps like Hipstamatic and Instragram, and every time I remember I have the app on my phone it’s like Christmas. “Wait, you mean I can transform this plain photo of a Ruben sandwich  into a WORK […]

I love Nerds. But you all probably already know that, so let me be specific: I love green, purple and pink Nerds, in that order. The orange and yellow ones are disgusting, and that’s a scientific fact. If you know of any organizations in third world countries that accept donations of leftover orange and yellow […]

I remember telling my graphic designer Niki that when my blog was finished, I wanted to blog all the time. To post my work, to share what I’ve learned, and probably more realistically, to hear the sound of my own voice. Just kidding. Sort of. Once it was up and running though, I started to […]