Monthly Archives: May 2012

They both knew, from the moment they laid eyes on each other, that this was it. Their search was over; they’d finally found the one their souls were longing for. To anyone observing, their decision to marry, to become husband wife, was an obvious one- they just… belong together. It makes sense. “Are you nervous?” I asked […]

Lately, more and more of my photographers friends have begun to blog about their personal style in posts like my friend Tori’s “Wardrobe Wednesdays” or Jen + Ashley’s “Style Sessions.” As someone with very little natural intuition in the ways of fashion, I really look forward to those posts! I’m not an innovator AT ALL when […]

Hey look! A Gabby Tuesday post! Today I chat all about the different album sizes that I offer my clients and WHY ordering a book of your wedding memories is important. A few notices- I’m aware my bangs look incredibly stupid- I think I’ve finally learned that I need to pin them back. I’m also […]

I love Rebekah. She was the one I went to first when I had an itch to try shooting film, so we spent a morning in DC beneath the cherry blossoms. Now that I know slightly more of what I’m doing (SLIGHTLY) I wanted to try out a couple of different film stocks so I […]

I never really think about how much Lily’s grown until I see photos from our first few days with her. And then I get all “aww, I wish she was that small again!” and start telling Matt how we should get another puppy. And then he says “NO.” Dangit. Today’s is Lily’s appointment with the […]