Monthly Archives: September 2012

On Wednesday evening I had the absolute joy of working with Rachel of Floral & Blooms to shoot some of her gorgeous bouquets for her new website! These blooms were GORGEOUS. I shot most of the session on film so we’ll have to wait until I get my scans back to see the entire session, but […]

Their story began in a classroom halfway across the country- they were both enrolled in the same masters-level journalism class at Northwestern. She doubted the name he presented was actually his- “Tyler Blue? Come on, that’s not a real name!” she remembers saying to herself. But real it was, and real he was. And as […]

Every once in a while we as photographers get the chance to experience BEING the client instead of the one doing the work. It’s so strange to be on the opposite side of things, but it gives you a renewed appreciation for others’ crafts. For example, last spring (February of 2011) when I first set […]

There are varying viewpoints on “how” to stagger purchases of gear, but I’ve always been of the mindset that if I know what I need (keyword: need) and if I’m blessed to have the budget to purchase them, I’ll do so. As exhausting as it was to do the wedding photography + corporate desk job […]

Last night as Matt and I headed to Harris Teeter to pick up a movie (I had a huge impulse desire to watch I Am Number Four) I was having one of my “giggling-madly-and-skipping-like-a-kid-hopped-up-on-candy” moods. He kept laughing at me asking what I was so excited about, and I think it all stemmed from the […]