Monthly Archives: December 2012

One of the reasons I LOVE the Monday after a wedding is that I can finally sit down and dig into all the images from the weekend! I force myself to take Sunday off to spend with Matt, so on Monday morning I’m practically itching to get to my computer. This past weekend was no […]

I know! I know. My blogging calendar has been WAY out of wack this week. I skipped Christmas day AND Boxing day, and then yesterday I posted twice (make sure you check out the second post, btw- you don’t want to miss it!). And then today I’m blogging a Wine Wednesday post… and yet it’s […]

YOU GUYS. This is my favorite giveaway I’ve ever had the chance to do! EVER!! I occasionally do fun little giveaways with camera-shaped pencil sharpeners, film, and fun little knick knacks. But today’s giveaway tops ALL of those! During Justin & Mary’s The Big Next event on ShowIt Live last week, I must have been […]

This whole “working during the week of Christmas” thing is weird! Up until graduating from college, I’d always had a huge window of vacation during the holidays, so working during Christmas was a laughable idea. When I was still at my desk job, I always took the days surrounding Christmas off to spend with family. […]

IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! I realize this week will be one of my slowest weeks, stats-wise, so content may also be relatively light, but hey! It’s Christmas! I CAN promise y’all a Wine Wednesday post on Thursday that’ll help in picking bubbly for New Year’s, though :). But we’re not talking about New Year’s yet, because […]