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Their’s is a whirlwind romance. They met in April at a party, and by July, they both just knew that this was it. Engaged by August with wedding plans for December, they both laugh over how fast it’s all gone. But as someone who’s husband proposed after six months of dating, I 100% understand the […]

It took almost four years of attending the Academy together before their paths finally crossed, really crossed. They’d both just selected their ship where they’d be stationed after graduation, and after realizing they’d both be heading out to San Diego with several of their fellow graduates, they decided they’d better start getting to know each […]

Sophomore year at Virginia Tech was when it started. They attended a formal weekend together for greek life, and after a couple of months of a vague relationship status, things became officially official. Falling in love in southwest Virginia, especially in the context of a college campus, there’s something so classic and almost magical about it; it’s not […]