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It’s the craziest thing, to know someone from the age of 7 years old, to dance alongside them for dozens of Nutcrackers and spring demonstrations, and then to see her engaged and blissfully happy! Kara & I were both at Reston Conservatory Ballet together, and I had no idea she’d bene following along with my […]

They’d been running in the same circles for years- throughout high school, during breaks at home from college. But somehow, it wasn’t until after both of them had finished their bachelor degrees that they met. At the same spot one night, they both leaned over to a mutual friend asked with a nod in the […]

He first noticed her when she walked into class. “Late,” he makes sure to specify. And he remembered what kind of t-shirt she was wearing, which isn’t something you’d typically notice on someone you’re not intrigued by. They ended up working on the same team for a project and it wasn’t long after that things […]

When one of your first emails from a bride mentions a sweet rescue dachshund named Phoebe, and includes plans for pierogies at their wedding reception, consider my attention captivated. And then when your initial Skype meeting to see if your a good fit lasts for almost two hours? Count me IN. These two are just plain […]

They first met in Manhattan Beach. It was one of those “we have mutual friends” situations that brought them together, both being from the East Coast and finding themselves on the complete opposite side of the country. The group of mutual friends began to grow and form a sort of close-knit family- sort of like college […]