The way he looks at her is the way every girl dreams of being gazed upon. And that was what I loved so much this past Saturday- watching the two of them together. How he was so elated that he couldn’t stop dancing out of sheer celebration, how she was so wonderfully happy that the smile […]

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  • Sarah Bradshaw - ABBY!!!!! This wedding is AMAZING!!! I details are to die for!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Field aka Mom - That looks to have been a fun wedding! I loved the bride’s dress and shoes. As always, you caught unforgettable moments. Lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - What a gorgeous wedding dress! I especially love the sash around her waist. I also must mention the photo of the bride dancing with a younger girl at the end of the post. That’s such a great candid shot.ReplyCancel

It’s the craziest thing, to know someone from the age of 7 years old, to dance alongside them for dozens of Nutcrackers and spring demonstrations, and then to see her engaged and blissfully happy! Kara & I were both at Reston Conservatory Ballet together, and I had no idea she’d bene following along with my […]

My out-of-office responder is on, I’ve yet to pack, and I’m running around like a mad person trying to finish all the little tasks that were supposed to be completed last Friday. It’s official: we’re leaving for France today! Would some say we’re crazy to leave the country during the middle of wedding and engagement session season? Possibly. […]

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  • Rebekah - Aww, a puppy (all dogs are puppies to me) sleeping with a toy is the best thing ever!ReplyCancel

Isn’t it amazing how we hurtle toward these goals in our lives and businesses, looking forward to them for SO long, and once we finally reach them, we often forget to stop and celebrate? Well, I refuse to forget. Today we are REJOICING! Why? Because is OFFICIALLY open!! I’d been dreaming about this shop for […]

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This day had been a LONG time coming. 890 days, to be exact. The military tends to be a little finicky about timing, so choosing a date with TJ’s training & deployments alongside Lexi’s school schedule proved to be tricky. But after a lot of patience (and a lot of long-distance planning), the day they’d […]

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    Gorgeous pictures!! You captured the moments.. Thank you!!!!!ReplyCancel

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