When your favorite bridal gown designer asks you to photograph her fall line in Paris, France, you say YES! without hesitation! I met Katherine of Katherine Bignon Bridal during dinner at the first iteration of Creative at Heart- we sat across from each other at dinner, and it didn’t take long to discover we had a mutual […]

Goooood Monday morning! It’s been a little bit of a slow start over here- weekends away always seem to make it hard to get going for the work week! Matt’s birthday was last weekend and he requested a weekend away for just the two of us before wedding season began, so we hopped in the car […]

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  • Morgan - +2 for sprinkles, for sure. I’ve never even HEARD of jimmies!ReplyCancel

  • Victoria Elena - I was just thinking that about sprinkles yesterday! I love the crunchy texture with my cold ice cream or drink (java chip is so good!). I love your blog and I love these Monday features. Looking forward to reading more :)ReplyCancel

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For those of you photographers who have yet to stumble upon the awesomeness that is Adobe LightRoom (LR), go purchase this program now! PhotoShop is great for minor tweaks and corrections, but when it comes to editing large batches of images, LR is the way to go. LR has a way of organizing images called […]

  • Jean - Love the photo! Love that you and your friends share this kind of information with each other!ReplyCancel

I wasn’t sure what to think of Amsterdam when I first arrived- I mean, it was beautiful for sure. But I didn’t know much about the city other than the fact that it’s famous for its canals and red light district. After an evening spent there with these two, though, I’m in love. And maybe it wasn’t the […]

Good morning from Ocean City!! I’m here for a girls’ weekend getaway (to celebrate our dear friend Natalie’s birthday!), and it’s reminding me just how good it is to occasionally get away from the office. And even moreso, how important fellowship is! As small business owners it’s so easy to become an island unto yourself, but […]

  • Jean - I’m with you on the crab thing. Love crab cakes but I don’t want to shell them, yes, Matt is handsome and you two are so good together. You girls look like you’re having fun. Treasure these moments. They don’t last forever!ReplyCancel

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