I’ll bet you guys were bummed after reaching the end of Jeff & Tracy’s wedding post yesterday, weren’t you? Fear not- it’s time to feature their day-after session! You’re welcome. Whenever traveling somewhere exotic and/or tropical for a wedding, I try to make sure to schedule in extra time for an additional portrait session, whether […]

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This day was nine years in the making. A love story that began with a chance meeting, this day in one of the most beautiful places on earth was when everything finally came full circle. After nearly a decade together, Jeff & Tracy stood in front of their closest friends and family and promised each […]

They have that lighthearted kind of way of teasing each other, so they’re always laughing, always smiling. He knows just what to say to bring that nose-crinkling grin to her face, and the way she laughs around him is infectious. Their story began with that quintessential kind of romance; a high school football player-meets-cheerleader story […]

This past weekend was our first “normal” one of the off-season, and it felt soooo good! We went to see the new Hobbit movie on Saturday morning, and then I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my mom, crafting and baking. I’m not a huge DIY-er, but sometimes it’s just fun to […]

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Welp, the end of my 2013 wedding season is here. I photographed my last wedding this past weekend in Puerto Rico (talk about going out with a bang!), I’ve finished up engagement sessions, and I’m excited to start resting and recharging. The off-season is officially upon me! One of my favorite kind of posts that […]

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